Everyday face

It might be a bit deceptive to call this post ‘Everyday face’ because I definitely don’t wear makeup everyday! But in situations where I choose to wear a bit of makeup, these are some of my go to products.   Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Shade 52 Gel-like texture that smells amazing. I have a … More Everyday face

Classic Timepieces

A watch is a fundamental component of any outfit. It does more than tell the time. Your favourite watch becomes apart of you, you can’t leave the house without it. You’re even wearing it when you’re not, the sun browning the skin around where it normally lies. There are so many watches available today that … More Classic Timepieces

70s Vibes

The 70s are back, and so are denim skirts. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the return of the denim skirt, I do remember them making a previous come back when I was growing up. But now I can safely say I have very much come around to the idea. I recently purchased … More 70s Vibes


Like so many other people, the most predominant colour in my wardrobe is black, so it’s no surprise that this outfit was easier for me to create. Culottes are very on trend right now, and I have been dying to pick up a pair since May! Despite the fact that winter is now long gone, … More Black-Fit

The Shirt

A pair of jeans and a shirt. Two simple and incredibly versatile items that I’m sure almost everybody owns. If you read my White-Fit post from earlier this month you’ll immediately recognise almost all pieces in this outfit. In fact, the only things I changed was my shirt and my sunglasses. I think that’s what I … More The Shirt

Back to Basics

  An easy outfit to re-create that is made from wardrobe staples. All you need is a basic white dress, a flannel and some sneakers. A basic white dress can never go astray in spring and summer. I like to tie a shirt around my waist to help define my shape a little more, but … More Back to Basics

Pen to Paper

Recently I’ve started sketching quick fashion illustrations, or at least attempting to. I use it as a tool to visualise outfits that I have floating around in the back of my mind. It’s great not to be limited by time or money (only my drawing ability!). It’s just early days, so they’re pretty rusty. But … More Pen to Paper